Eggplants are a thirsty veg

Eggplants are a thirsty veg

Ink and watercolour on paper, 8×10

I realise that some might take issue with my grammar here, but I think of Eggplants as a vegetable, collectively, and I like how strange it sounds.

If you’ve ever cooked with eggplant, you know that if you like to marinate eggplant in anything, it will suck up that marinade like a sponge. Which is excellent for flavour. Mmm, eggplant sponge.

Oh! Hello, sudden desire for eggplant on a NY style thin-crust pizza! Boy oh boy is that delicious.

In Canada, we mostly refer to vegetables veggies. In the UK, they call them veg, which I find infinitely and inexplicably delightful.