Sea turtle for Ben

Ink and watercolour on paper, 4×6

My sister is currently pregnant, in labour, or a new mom right now. (Her official due date is sometime this week, but I schedule all of my posts in advance so there’s no way of me knowing as I write this.)

At the end of January, I threw my sister and her husband a baby shower. It was a wild success, so lovely. She enjoyed herself so much she took a day to recover, because having fun is hard, you guys.

As part of the decor, I drew two little drawings and framed them for her, so that she can add them to her baby’s room. My little nephew. Whose name is Ben, unless they’ve changed their mind, which they’re absolutely welcome to do. Although they seem pretty determined from where I’m sitting.

(Psst! You’ll see the second drawing on Wednesday of this week, which is the next time I post.)

Sea turtle for Ben