I Dream of Coffee

Ink and watercolour on paper, 8×10

This is the truest of truths.

I routinely attempt to quit coffee, particularly during the summer when there’s less need for energy to be a teacher in the mornings. It usually goes something like this.

Monday: Ok. Let’s try this no coffee thing. I can do it!

Tuesday: No I can’t. No coffee means no happiness. What was I thinking? Being awake in the morning is horrible without you, coffee.

Wednesday: I dream of you, coffee, I miss you.

Thursday: I may or may not have accidentally had a latte. Or two. Let’s call this a lapse in judgement.

Friday: It’s coffee time it’s coffee time people want to meet for coffee and I like coffee in the coffee shops.

Saturday: Why did I want to quit coffee? That was a foolish idea. I like coffee. Coffee likes me.

Sunday: Coffee 4 evahhhhhhhh


I dream of coffee