So… Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

SWDYGYI front cover

Here is a tiny, ridiculous little book I made.

I have ordered a hard copy of it myself, of course. It is nicely put together, and it is a nice physical thing to have and to hold. I generally prefer the image wrap variety, if we’re talking about a physical copy. I have caviar tastes, me.

I have also ordered the free copy. I will say that it is tricky to read on a tiny iPhone screen (tiny font + tiny screen = lots of pinch zooming), but looks well when you’re reading on a tablet. And I like being able to use the “define” function in eBooks.

Beautiful people, I made this book specifically because making things should be a joy, and this project truly was.

It is worthwhile to make things if only for the pleasure of having them exist in the world.


If you would like to have it, you are welcome to download it for free or even purchase it if you like.

This book is available for you in several formats, including a free eBook (designed for iPad), PDF (not as expensive as print but also not free), and print copies.

To order a completely free, iPad-compatible eBook version of this book, click right here. In fact, I’ll highlight this entire paragraph with the link. This, the link to the free version of the book. Did I mention that this format, it is a costless, free book? It is free, beautiful people. Free! Freely available for your viewing pleasure.

The only thing you’ll need to get this book for free is an email address, and the iBooks application, which the email will indicate you should download if you haven’t already. This is because it is only freely available on that platform.

SWDYGYI back cover

To order a print version of this book please click the following enthusiastic link: 


Prices vary for the physical copies. You can also get a PDF copy if that is how you roll. PDF copies are mysteriously more expensive than the free eBook I already mentioned.

The pictures are of my advance copy, and the title is lacking in capitals in my copy. Your copy, should you choose to obtain one, will have corrected capitalisation.

I am still really excited that I made a book and made all of the images and all of the words are mine. Mine! Mine! Mua ha ha ha ha!

Ok. Ok, I’m calm now.