Oh, oh hello! Hi.

My name is Therese. Phonetically this is pronounced tah·rez. And here you are. (See what I did there?)

Most of the time I’m a math teacher. I often do other things. This is one of them.

View at my desk

I drew made painted these things because. You should spend your life doing spectacularly fun things because.

Thank you kindly for stopping by.

Update: Currently updating three times a week

It is the summertime! Summertime, and the living is easy. The fish are jumpin’ and… you get the idea.

Because it is the summer, I am back, updating this website every Monday, Wednesday and Friday as of July 6th, 2015. I will continue to update three times a week until I once again hibernate for the school year, at which point I will update this about page yet again to reflect that hibernation.

I am like a bear that way. In the hibernation way. Also in some other ways. I have teeth, bears have teeth, I am cuddly but fierce, bears also, etc. We have much in common, bears and I.

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