Hello, and welcome to a new way to navigate my inventory of arty things. Here are all of the categories I’ve used, with a little explanation of what you might find if you click on the category button. Enjoy!

I like drawing animals. Usually they are completely and totally off in some way. Which is how I like them.

Better with flames
I’m reasonably certain that you haven’t thought of all of these things as necessarily being better with flames. But they are. They are.

Charcoal with watercolour
I’m partial to this technique and have created a category for that reason, even though very few things are actually in this category.

Food with opinions
When I was a kid, I saw my very first scary movie. It was a B movie involving a woman who wanted to lose weight, and had purchased a series of weight-loss aids. One such aid was a pair of glasses you couldn’t remove that would personify food, making it impossible to eat anything, including vegetables, because they were screaming and asking you not to eat them. Ugh. What a terrible concept. And scary for a 7-year-old to see. Anyway, these drawings are almost nothing like that. You see, they’re food personified, but that’s pretty much the only resemblance. Why have I shared this story with you? No one knows.

To get better at anything, you must practice. Sometimes I am surprised and like the things I’ve done in practice. And I like to share what I’m doing, when I’m excited about it. So, here’s a homework category.

Inanimate objects
Sometimes inanimate objects become animated about things.

Ink and paper
Colour-free. But not necessarily fancy free. Sometimes things can be fanciful and also colour-free.

Informative letters
I’ll bet you never met an alphabet with more interesting things to say. Although, if you’ve met an alphabet, please do contact me and tell me the story of how that went. Safe to assume that I am extremely interested.

Self explanatory. Get it? Self-explanatory? No? Ah, it’s all right. It was a weak joke. I’m also no great at drawing people yet, so these are more cartoon than anything else for the time being.

Before I started letting myself play with watercolour and realising that I enjoyed art this much, I started doing dot phrases. Then, in 2011, I learned that this sort of practice of drawing or writing or making something through dots has a name. And so, a category is required.

Not finished things. Just ideas that I’ve decided I want to share before they’re too interesting, and while they’re unfinished and unpolished.

I suspect I ran out of category titles but wanted something else. So this is a catch-all, I suppose. Possibly short-lived. Organization at its best.

This is what happens when I forget to categorize something: it ends up uncategorized. This is the website equivalent of the junk drawer. Or, what happens when you write posts at 2:00 AM. A hodge-podge. I don’t use that word enough, hodge-podge.